About This Website

photoKate Boydell was widowed in 1998 after nine years of marriage to her beloved husband Charlie. He died of heart failure at the age of 37, following a long struggle with complications resulting from the emergency open-heart surgery that he underwent in the first weeks of marriage.

Kate decided to write a book about Charlie’s remarkable life, his death and the struggle of coming to terms with life without him. The book, ‘Big-Hearted Man’ was published by Troubador Books in 2002. Two years later Kate wrote ‘Death and How to Survive It’, which was published by Vermilion in April 2005.

Kate has appeared as a guest of Nicky Campbell on Five Live, Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2, Judi Spiers on BBC Radio Devon, and Simon Mayo on Five Live. Kate has also been a guest on Woman’s Hour on Radio Four, ‘This Morning’ on ITV, Sky News and ‘The Kelly Show’ on Ulster Television. She has been featured in articles in The Guardian, Devon Life, Woman and Home, ‘You’ Magazine, The Observer Magazine, Woman’s Weekly, Easy Living, My Weekly, Bella, Sainsbury’s Magazine and The Daily Express.



Kate is  52, and lives happily in Devon. If you would like to contact her with your comments on the  web site, or with suggestions on how it might be improved, then you can e-mail Kate at: merrywidow@boydells.com



I was going to take a course in carpentry, so my thanks go to all the people who have nagged me to continue writing, because if they hadn’t then this website would be an occasional table or a bookcase.

I am indebted to Charles Wace, for his endless support, generosity and encouragement; he has been a fantastic support and without his help this website wouldn’t exist. Thanks also to Ben Sterling at Made With Maturity, for giving the site the fresh, new look you see today.



And lastly, thank you to my beautiful daughters, Rosie and Alice, for keeping out of my study and letting me write the original guide in 2002, and for their their constant love and support ever since. They are my joy and my life.

This site is dedicated to the memory of my late husband, Charlie, who was and is my inspiration.