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I wish there was something I could do to help release some of your stresses and you guys with mine. It truely is hard. I’ve never dealt with anything like it and I hate that we are all going through this!
Sometimes it feels like Nothing gives you a break and without our hubby’s beside us -to help, guide or support, well it’s just soo hard 🙁 …and I try to look for the positives and not always be/sound negative and depressed -but it’s a real struggle.
Whats with the education system! – wow 2years of trying to get support, reading that frustrates and saddens me for you K.
Funny you mention CBT too, as I have seen a lady a couple of times who is part of CBT and out of the counsellors I have seen -she has shown to be the best & most helpful, might see if I can see her more.

The knots in my stomach freak me out sometimes- as the aches n pains take me back to where we started with Andrew and then I panic that I also could have cancer and then what about Alexis etc my brain trails off stressing me out more -It’s all a vicious cycle. Sleep is what I need, yet I can’t. Memories should be happy but the horrible ones and traumatic emotions override them. Breathing has helped sometimes. I guess it’s a matter of remembering the things that work and putting them into action!
So yes if we struggle to process all of this, how does a 3year old!??

Thank you for the lovely suggestions with Alexis’ birthday- some of the things you both mentioned I had not heard of or thought of -so will see what feels right and put something special together for her. I hope your weeks, days and hours get better, sending you lots of love for those darker times xx HJ xx

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