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Hi Gab
Today, has been hard going and the run up to today… As it was my Husband’s birthday and 7 months after his sudden death. I have tried to do things with our children. One happy to remember and talk about her Dad and the other not happy to be with us and shut himself away in his room. I cooked favourite food and tried to make things nice but it felt like cooking on Everest in a blizzard, trying to hold down the ingredients and the utensils as they were torn away from me no matter how hard I tried to hold on to them. I tried to put lights up in the garden but they didn’t work! I could almost see my husband smiling hear him laughing at my efforts and knew his next step would be make the lights work for me. My little girl was checking the light situation for me whilst I finished cooking but the lights still didn’t work. Then at bedtime she gave me an old battery operated night light as she knew I was upset about the lights,and now my son who has been in his room most of the day has come downstairs wrapped in blue Christmas lights! Great minds think alike!!And has now fixed the lights for me! I feel the storm around me has settled…. Was it Dad’s birthday? He asks. I laugh… Another sridge reached…

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