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Hi Charlie
Sadly it’s a feeling we on here know only too well, feeling lost
Try to take things a day at a time, don’t think ahead, focus on eating, keeping hydrated

I watched hours of mindless tv, kept the radio on, just the voices on radio 4 helped
Keeping busy helped too. Having a cat or dog to care for helps some people

Even when you know someone is very ill, you still don’t get it that they might actually die, it’s such a shock when they do, it takes a long time to actually believe it, that it can actually happen. It’s like being in a parallel universe, everything the same, nothing the same. You keep expecting them to come home, to just walk through the door

Grief is all consuming at the start, but it really does get easier, I just wish it didn’t take so bl–dy long.

I’m well over 4 years now, looking back I can see how far I’ve come, keep going and one day you will find it easier, even though you might not believe that now

Thinking of you, Pam

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