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Thanks Pam for reply.
Did you ever had suicide thoughts?
It’s not the option for me but it would be easiest way to end my misery.
My wife was diagnosed when she was just 27 (astrocytoma anaplastic – grade 3 brain tumour). After almost 5 years of battle she passed away at age of 31.
For what she went through , for what she had to suffer is unspeakable.
I was with her till the end.
Friends keep asking me how do i cope.
The say how strong i am and that.
But they don’t know that i cry several times a day, that i hate myself each time i wake up.
Struggling with daily shopping (holdind tears).
The worst feeling is the fact that your loved one is dying and there’s NOTHING you can do to help.
At the end i’m still here without her and just can’t imagine life without her at my side.
The reason i wrothe this post is fact that i realised i won’t be able to get up on my feet on my own. Don’t even now how to start

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