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Hi Judi and all other readers,

It is still daunting, uncertain times ahead for us all…. There is no right or wrong way to cope and come to terms with our devastating losses. People can and will sympathise with us but until they walk in our steps no one really knows the daily challenges we face, from just getting out of bed to seeing out a day.

I’ve had mixed advice from family, friends and work colleagues on my plan, they are worried I’m going to retreat into my shell, but it is the first decision that I have felt brave enough to make, to try and do something for me and still dont know if it will work unless I give it a try.

It has been a very long time since I’ve put myself first, and is not something I feel too comfortable with and can’t remember when I last did… I have always been a daughter, sister, wife, mother, work colleague and friend first, but like Judi says, we need to slow down and give ourselves the time to heal.

Take care of yourselves and thank you for all the posts that are put up. They really are a lifeline to me.

Angie xxx

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