Reply To: Feeling Annoyed



Ugh sorry to hear your story Phoenix. People are really insensitive, although perhaps because they don’t know about your husband even more so. Its always really unhelpful to hear people talk about suicide in that laughing way with no understanding of how it works in reality. (My husband also took his own life 9 months ago) From what I understand, commonly the people who are successful with their suicide attempts have never talked about it, so there are no strategies to help and usually the loved ones don’t see it coming at all.

Its a shitty journey to travel on, so many questions and heartache to go through. I feel for you.

I think its great that your are training to be a teacher, and I hope it all goes well. It may be that you look to yourself for the inner strength and support to get through the course. As your mentor may not be what you want her to be.


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