Reply To: Looking for widows/widowers in Devon for friendship


Ann Marie

Hello Lottie
Thank you for your message – it was appreciated. I’m sorry for your recent loss. I can imagine it would have been a shock to lose him so quickly. Martin’s initial prognosis was 3 – 6 months but he survived 29 1/2 months – there was an upside to having time to try and prepare but it was very hard and sad for me to see him lose his basic faculties and get more and more poorly. I am glad he is not suffering any longer. I think people can have empathy but yes unless you have really got the t-shirt its hard to really understand how difficult it is. I never thought (like you I am sure) that at 51 I would be a widow and having to start a new chapter of my life without my husband. I have applied for Way – thanks for the headsup. I do have wonderful family members who have been nothing but amazing since his illness and trying to support both of us. I have not gone to any counselling yet – I may well do that in the future. Thanks for your kind sentiments. You too! Ann Marie x

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