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Emma, the songs are hard aren’t they, I was near tears on the shop floor yesterday just over a particular song, it’s funny how the lyrics seem to fit differently to how you heard them before.
I’ve cut the Xmas cards back, and it wax so hard to sign just my name. I’m cooking Xmas dinner for my sister’s family, she did offer to do it and has said if I change my mind at last minute she’ll do it. I think having my dgson only 10 and missing his grandad,is a big motivation for me to keep things as normal as possible. He’s coming this weekend and we are putting the tree up, as I always put it up before hubby’s birthday which is on Monday. Dgson will be here that morning as he sleeps Sunday night before school. So I was trying to think of what we should do ??
Linda , I have been quite blunt and I know I probably come over quite emotionless, but I find it quite easy to keep up a front, and do my crying in private.
I have a colleague whose husband has left her, and I find it hard to sympathise when she says how awful she’s feeling and how she’s not doing Christmas,so many people are hugging her and saying how sorry for her they are. I’m stood looking on in disbelief, thinking you want to know how I feel. I’ve been through a divorce,for my ex cheating on me when I was young and it was nothing to this.
Thank you all for your replies and I hope you all manage to get through Christmas ok. People say remember the happy memories but they make me cry!!!!
Much love Xxx

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