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Dear Lottie, Polly & Joanie,

Thank you all for getting back to me and for your advice.

I have this evening logged onto The Coroner’s Society of England and Wales to look for further help and the advice, it seems that I should initially write to the local Coroners office who are dealing with our case to discuss in the first instance. I may try and call them tomorrow to explain my situation and see what other advice they can offer.

I tonight have trawled through my emails and found a name of someone from the Coroners office that was in contact with me way back in January 2017 and have requested to be sent the name of the Coroner dealing with my husbands case.

Hopefully I will get this information and will write a formal letter of complaint to them asking what the delay is and if I have no joy then will follow up with an address of The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office in London.

It all is just so unfair that I have to chase and follow up on all of this, but I need to do this for my husband and for my own sanity to get all the answers. I know this is not going to change the outcome but I am the only one that can do this for him.

Many thanks again for reaching out to me and for the advice offered, it truly is much appreciated. xxx

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