Diary of a Nobody

I began this diary in May 2004, and wrote it on a regular basis until November 2005. The diary was a reflection of my true thoughts and feelings at the time, and illustrates a part of my personal journey. There’s a lot of ribald humour and some deep introspection, but the most important job of the diary, as I see it, is to illuminate the darkness of others, and provide some small spark of hope for the future.

I reluctantly gave up writing the diary because I had to study for my new career, but I hope that I shall be able to find the time to add to it occasionally.

  1. Haiku

    Haiku So….it’s been a while, and you might be wondering what on earth I’ve been up to since my last entry. Well, first I must explain my reasons for the temporary loss of service. November 2005 wasn’t such a good month for me, but this diary isn’t about me whinging on about my troubles. Suffice […]

  2. Head

    Today I have been prompted to put down my steam iron and address an issue that has recently been raised on the message board. The issue concerns a principle that is fundamental to me; it is one of the cornerstones on which this site was first based, and is something about which I feel passionately. […]

  3. Boot

    I’ve been reading the messageboard, and I have concluded that losing a partner really isn’t any fun at all. It sucks. Sucks. SUCKS. But my little trawl through the mire of misery has given me a very good idea about what to do with the left-over mortar that’s sitting in my barn There is a […]

  4. Bobble

    So it’s November already? Where did October go, and what’s more, where are the rest of my entries for the last month? Well, I hate to blame an inanimate substance, but you know what I’m going to say, don’t you? It was the lime that made me do it… The reason most modern builders don’t […]

  5. Lyme

    Dear Readers, you may have noticed that there haven’t been any postings for some weeks now; the reason for this was that I was just too happy. I had actually decided to stop writing my diary, as I felt that it had run its course and that I was beginning to repeat myself. I had […]

  6. Jaw

    I’m not generally a picky person, but there are some things that do irritate me. For instance, I cannot go to sleep if there are any open drawers in my bedroom. I like things to be squared away before I shut my eyes, and if I catch a glimpse of a chest of drawers showing […]

  7. Mist

    It’s been so long since I last wrote a diary entry that I’ve quite forgotten how to do it. I seem to have spent the entire summer glossing and sweeping, mopping and sanding. My diary has been woefully neglected, but the result of my extended labours is that my house is now in a fit […]