Death & Destruction

Why did it happen? And more importantly, why did it happen to you?

Husbands can die in a variety of different ways; road accident, heart attack or cancer – but what unites the differing ways a man can die is the impact that it has on his wife. You are supposed to enjoy the early years of your marriage, it is the time when everything is coming right – you may well have young children, a nice house, good prospects and lots of friends who are enjoying a similarly carefree existence. Even if you are struggling financially, then you have the comfort of knowing that, with a bit of hard work, you might one day be in a position to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labours.

The death of your spouse never figured in that equation. He was the breadwinner, the bill-payer, and your partner for better or for worse. Even if you did not get on particularly well, there is something enormously comforting about being married. You grow to rely on your husband for so many things, and even if you are unlucky enough to end up with a dull, graceless sloth, at least you know he is a dull, graceless sloth who will pick up the children for you or get a pint of milk from the Spar on his way home from work.

The point is that you feel his presence. He shares your bed; he shares your life.

Not any more.

Take all of those things, the joy, the laughter, the tearful disputes and the passionate reconciliations, take them all, stick a little black nugget of the grim reaper’s best Semtex in the middle and blow them all to smithereens.